VLP Office Closure

After careful consideration, we at VLP have decided to close our physical office and call center locations from Monday, March 16- Friday, March 27. At that time, we will reassess opening our offices. 
We will continue to operate remotely during these next two weeks. We are set up to continue running our call center remotely, as well as work with our clients, pro bono attorneys, and community partners. You can still reach out to us with all of your needs as you normally would. The only change is that you will need to leave a message in all cases, even for the call center. All staff will have access to emails and voicemails so that we can respond to anyone who reaches out. So if you call and reach a voicemail, don’t worry! We will still respond to everyone. Just please be sure to leave your name and number so we know how to contact you.
If you direct a client to call us, please let them know that they will need to leave a voicemail. Our staff will return their call as soon as possible. We have re-recorded our call center voicemail to reflect this change. We are also in the process of creating an online intake, and we will update you all as soon as it has launched.
If you had any client meetings scheduled at our office that have not been canceled by our receptionist yet, please contact our receptionist at receptionist@vlpnet.org or 617-423-0648.
If you have questions about volunteering during this time, please reach out to me at mblack@vlpnet.org.
Thank you for your understanding as we all learn to manage in these unprecedented times.

VLP Clinic Closures

We here at VLP have been monitoring the coronavirus outbreak closely, always with you in mind. Our primary concern is, and always will be, keeping our staff and volunteers safe while still being present for our clients, who, in many cases, ardently need our help.
With all of this in mind, we have decided to close VLP’s legal clinics beginning next Monday, March 16th. The clinics will be closed for the rest of March, and we will reassess the situation closer to April. At that time, we will provide an update to all of you.
This was not an easy decision to make. We know our volunteers look forward to their pro bono work, and our clients deserve access to justice. It does break our hearts to not be at the clinics, but we must think about everyone’s health and safety.
For volunteers, if you still wish to help clients in other ways, please reach out me at mblack@vlpnet.org.
For clients, please call our call center at 617-603-1700 for legal help. The call center is open Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm.
We appreciate all of you. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe and healthy.

Welcome, Interns!

VLP is proud to host our new Legal Interns! 

For their Alternative Spring Break, these students are spending their time helping underrepresented citizens of the Greater Boston Area.

Thanks to Boston College Law School and New England Law for sharing your talented students with us!

New Events!

Lots of programming coming up for February!

Whether you’re new, seasoned, or anywhere in between; there is something for you at VLP!

Check out our full events calendar HERE

VLP’s Year in Review

With so much to be thankful for and excited about, it can be tricky to remember the individual moments from 2019. So here’s our attempt at capturing everything that made this year special!

Holiday Hours

Happy Holiday season, everyone!  Please keep in mind that the VLP office will be operating with the following hours next week:

12/24 – VLP will be closing at 1:00PM

12/25 – VLP will be closed

12/31 – VLP will be closing at 1:00PM

01/01 – VLP will be closed

Please be advised that our call center ERLI will not be accepting calls on Monday 12/30 or Tuesday 12/31.

Victim of Wage Theft Finds Help and Support

Sonia, a nursing assistant, found herself in an unlawful situation and did not know where to turn. She worked long hours filled with the harsh physical and emotional demands of caring for the ill. She tended to the health and wellness of countless patients, provided a steady hand for those finding their strength after an injury, and acted as a calming presence for those facing a challenging diagnosis. 


She did this for more than a year without a single vacation day because her employer would not allow her or her coworkers to use their earned vacation time. Her employer also refused to pay Sonia and her coworkers for their unused vacation time, meaning they were being cheated out of money they rightfully earned.


What Sonia’s employer was doing was illegal, but Sonia and her coworkers were without recourse because they could not afford an attorney.


That’s when VLP stepped in.


VLP provided Sonia with a pro bono attorney who sent a demand letter to her employer for the unpaid vacation time. Through diligent advocacy, her VLP attorney negotiated a settlement in Sonia’s favor. What’s more, her employer has amended its practices to be compliant with the law. Now all of Sonia’s coworkers are allowed to use their hard-earned vacation time! 


VLP—along with its community of volunteers and supporters—is helping local Boston-area residents like Sonia every day. Thank you for your support.