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Guardianship Care Plan Review

Volunteer in flexible 1-3 hour blocks at the Probate & Family Court in Middlesex county.

Under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (MUPC),  guardians of adult incapacitated persons must file an initial Care Plan/Report with the court within 60 days of the guardianship appointment, and yearly in subsequent years. Using a checklist developed by the court, volunteers from VLP/Senior Partners for Justice assist the court in reviewing these Care Plans/Annual Reports and protect individuals under guardianship.


  • Volunteers call the Registry of Probate at the courthouse they wish to volunteer in to: 
    1) check if they need help reviewing care plans and
    2) schedule a time to come in.
  • Volunteers go to the courthouse during their planned time.
  • The courthouse provides guardianship files with care plans that need to be reviewed.
  • Volunteers read the care plan to check for completion and flag any concerns.

Attorneys can be paired with experienced volunteers who are familiar with the process. We have forms, files, reference materials and other necessary items for volunteer attorneys.


  • Flexibility: This is a limited time commitment that is not immediately client-facing.
  • Mentorship: Our newer attorneys learn from more experienced attorneys, and more seasoned lawyers get the chance to mentor and guide.
  • Networking: Meet fellow attorneys in your area of practice and get connected with other legal professionals.



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