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Black Lives Matter

Statement from VLP

VLP staff and our volunteers see firsthand the disparate and negative impact that the economic and justice systems have on communities of color.


Our clients come to us facing seemingly insurmountable odds as they attempt to get fit and habitable housing, as they try to stay afloat in an economy driven by the high income and wealth of the few. Daily we work to equalize that impact and, through advocacy, give our client community the stability and tools to live the life they deserve.


Today, we want to acknowledge and shout that the murdering of Black citizens by law enforcement, the people who are hired to protect and defend, is a scourge of epic proportions. The pain and heartache of the families, the loss of valuable lives, the seething soul robbing anger, the death of trust, the stark realization that justice is not available to you, your friends, your sons and daughters robs our communities of their opportunities to realize their value and unique contribution.


VLP stands firm beside our Black colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors in the fight for safety, justice, and peace. We take this stand because Black Lives Matter. We commit to advocating for access to justice. We commit to quality representation.


We commit to the belief that with an expectation that justice will be served, the Black community can come also to expect and demand that no more die at the hands of racism fueled brutality. VLP demands the same.


–Executive Director, Joanna Allison




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