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Thank you to all our interpreters!

At VLP, there are several ways interpreters can get involved.  From assisting our clients & Pro Bono attorneys on full-representation cases, to lending a helping hand at our clinics, and more!  You can interpret in a way that’s comfortable and convenient for you.  

Interested in Interpreting?

VLP offers several different interpretation services for our clients.  Which kind of service you provide may depend on whether you’re assisting at clinic, prepping for a hearing, assisting with an intake, or other scenarios.

You can…

  • Interpret by phone 
  • Interpret over Zoom 
  • Translate documents, emails, and text messages 
  • Interpret in-person once our office reopens 
All units at VLP benefit from the assistance of interpreters, including the Appeals, Bankruptcy, Consumer, Family & Guardianship, Housing, Unemployment, and Wage & Hour Units.

All interpreters are required to take an online Language Proficiency Testing. Once this testing is completed, the results will be sent directly to VLP, and we will share them with you.   

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Resources for existing interpreters

If the VLP Interpreter Manual does not appear below, you may view it here.

Interpreter policy and procedures 2024 (1)

If you have questions about becoming an interpreter, or about any of the policies and procedures found in the VLP Interpreter Manual, feel free to contact Pro Bono Manager Emelia Andres at

Click here to watch a recording on how to fill out our timesheet!

Billing & Payment

You can download and fill in your time sheets here.


All interpreters on the VLP Panel will be paid $45 per hour with a minimum of two hours for in-person or by video call via Zoom. Phone, text, and email interpretation services will be paid on a prorated hourly rate with no minimum payment. Interpreters will enter an estimate of the time spent remotely interpreting on the interpreter timesheet. Parking fees paid by the Interpreter for parking during meetings with the client(s) and attorney(s) will be reimbursed; the Interpreter must provide a receipt to be reimbursed for parking. Written document translation will be paid at $0.17 per word translated. 

Late Cancellation

If an appointment with a VLP assigned interpreter is canceled less than 24 hours before a scheduled appointment by either the client or attorney, VLP will pay the Interpreter for one hour of interpretation time. VLP will not pay the two-hour minimum for a late cancellation. A late cancellation payment will not be processed if the Interpreter cancels the appointment. The late cancellation will be verified with either the attorney or client by the Pro Bono Manager via phone, text, email, fax, etc. The late cancellation will be noted on an Interpreter Time Sheet and Payment Request Form when submitting a late cancellation payment. 



Interpreters are responsible for keeping track of their time (whether the interpreting services are provided for remote communication or scheduled meetings) and submitting bills to VLP directly. Please note that the proper procedure for invoice approval is as follows:  

  • Send invoice to VLP Staff or Panel Attorney for approval of services rendered. VLP interns are not eligible to approve timesheets. If you are in contact with a VLP intern for a case, you may seek approval from the paralegal assigned to the case.  
  • Once approval from VLP Staff or Panel Attorney is received, the Interpreter is responsible for sending the invoice and supporting documents directly to Emelia Andres via email or mail.  
  • Please note due to remote work, it may take longer for us to process payment via physical checksWe encourage you to utilize electronic payment via 


Interpreters should submit timesheets every month and no later than 30 days of providing interpretation and/or translation services. Please send timesheets as soon as possible after providing interpretation or translation services.


Send the VLP timesheet to Emelia Andres via email: or by mail: 7 Winthrop Sq, Floor 2, Boston, MA 02110



Should you have any questions about this policy, please contact Emelia Andres at (857)320-6446 or


“My favorite parts of working with VLP?  Let’s see.  The passion that you guys put in your work, the gift you offer to your clients…  Clients’ looks of hope, their sigh of relief after hearing your advice, their look of “I can do this, I can weather this storm.”  Everybody’s smiles on the Zoom screen at the end of a session.  The best part?  How lucky I am that life put you all in my path!”


–Spanish Interpreter with VLP


“I feel honored to be part of a team that empowers a person who otherwise felt hopeless as far as legal counsel is concerned.  I feel so inspired by VLP’s mission to increase access to justice.”


–Spanish Interpreter with VLP