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Senior Partners for Justice

Senior Partners for Justice

Senior Partners for Justice has attracted nearly 1,000 volunteers since it began. Experienced lawyers from all legal backgrounds give their talents and expertise to serve those who would otherwise go unrepresented in court. This dedicated team includes retired and practicing attorneys, seasoned family law practitioners, specialists from outside family law, as well as retired and esteemed judges.


An Expert Team, a Meaningful Experience.

Monthly Luncheons & MVP Award

Every month, Senior Partners for Justice hosts a volunteer luncheon. These luncheons bring together the Senior Partners, unifying us towards our common mission. Every luncheon features a speaker on a legal topic of interest and offers opportunities to sign up for volunteer cases and projects. Upcoming luncheons are listed on the Calendar.At each gathering, Judge Ginsburg presents a Meg Connolly Most Valuable Partner (MVP) award to honor outstanding pro bono work by a volunteer attorney or law firm. The award is named for Mary M. (Meg) Connolly, the long-time Executive Director of the Volunteer Lawyers Project who was instrumental in the founding of Senior Partners for Justice. Ms. Connolly retired in 2009, after providing substantial contributions in the promotion of access to justice through VLP and the Massachusetts legal services community.

Gideon’s Trumpet Award

The Gideon’s Trumpet Award, established in 2003, honors the outstanding work by a member of the Senior Partners for Justice. Named after “Gideon’s Trumpet”, the book which chronicles the establishment of the right to counsel in all criminal cases in the American judicial system. The award honors attorneys striving to provide access to justice in civil matters.

  • 2021 Hon. David Sacks, Esq.
  • 2020 Hon. Joan Feeney, Esq.
  • 2019 Karen Quandt, Esq.
  • 2018 Ann Baum, Esq.
  • 2017 Hon. Edward G. Ginsburg, Esq.
  • 2016 David Goldman, Esq.
  • 2014 Edward Burns, Esq.
  • 2013 Joanne Moses, Esq.
  • 2012 William Patton, Esq.
  • 2011 Paul Kane, Esq.
  • 2010 John Garrity, Esq.
  • 2009 Arlene Bernstein, Esq. & Anita Robboy, Esq.
  • 2008 Thomas Monti, Esq.
  • 2007 Shirley Bayle, Esq.
  • 2006 Laura Sinn, Esq.
  • 2005 Victoria Rothbaum, Esq.
  • 2004 Herbert Hershfang, Esq.
  • 2003 Edward M. Ginsburg, Esq.

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