What We Do

What We Do

Quality Representation for Those in Need

The Volunteer Lawyers Project has been dedicated to serving families and individuals in the Greater Boston Area from lower income households since 1977. We represent US citizens, green card holders, and certain immigrants with lawful status.

We strive to give equal access to justice, representing and assisting clients in civil law cases as outlined below. Even if a client does not qualify for our services, we do our very best to provide referrals to others who may help. Please understand that representation may be restricted due to the scope of our funding. We do not handle personal injury cases, criminal cases, or represent prisoners on any legal matters.

Powered by Volunteers

As a volunteer-based organization, we rely on volunteers and their generously donated time. We understand that some volunteers have limited time to give, while others may choose to be an ongoing part of our team. We welcome all help and have flexible opportunities to accommodate a variety of schedules. All levels of legal experience are needed — and greatly appreciated.  

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VLP Units: Programs & Services

Our services have been established by clearly identifying unmet legal needs in the community. We provide a range of crucial civil legal assistance; from information and advice, to referrals and court clinics, to full representation in trials and appeals.


  • Bankruptcy (Ch. 7)

CiviL Appeals

  • Decisions made at court that you believe are wrong or unfair


  • Being harassed or sued by debt collectors
  • Debt relief
  • Utilities advocacy


  • Internship opportunities


  • Unemployment insurance

Family Law & Guardianship

  • Child custody
  • Paternity
  • Divorce
  • Restraining orders in an abusive relationship
  • Guardianship of incapacitated adult
  • Family members seeking guardianship of child whose parents are unavailable and/or unfit
  • Changes to existing court orders in child support or child custody
  • Child support


  • Renters facing eviction
  • Filing court documents against landlord for bad living conditions
  • Landlords facing issues with their tenants

Wage and Hour

  • Non-Payment of wages
  • Minimum Wage violations
  • Overtime Violations
  • Misclassification of employees as independent contractors
  • Failure to Pay Earned Sick Time
  • Failure to Pay accrued vacation time upon termination


  • Wills
  • Health care proxies
  • Powers of attorney