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Attorneys with all levels and types of experience are encouraged to volunteer. We provide training in many areas to prepare attorneys for the types of cases they will handle. For those with limited time to give, we offer one day and short-term projects which allow attorneys to volunteer for a set amount of time on a particular day. The commitment does not extend beyond that day. 

If you are a volunteer attorney looking to assist with Lawyer for the Day projects and court clinics, you must be certified in Limited Assistance Representation (LAR). Please take the self-certifying training here.

Hosted by VLP and The Association of Pro Bono Counsel (APBCO), the Civil Appeals Clinic helps low-income, self-represented litigants interested in filing an appeal. VLP with Boston-based members of the Association of Pro Bono Counsel (APBCO) operate the pro bono Civil Appeals Clinic (details).

Give a short presentation on bankruptcy and answer questions from client attendees, meet with a client to determine what documents are needed to complete their file, and try to gather them online. Some examples of the documents required are credit reports, income or benefit information, asset information, and tax returns (details).

Pro bono attorneys are provided by Ropes & Gray. However, intern positions are available to all (details).

This project allows volunteer lawyers to help low-income, unrepresented debtors by assisting them with civil debt collection lawsuits (details).

LFD: Volunteer attorneys are needed to advise and represent low-income, unrepresented tenants and landlords at the Eastern Housing Court on Tuesday mornings and afternoons. Most cases are for evictions. (details)


A&D: Volunteer attorneys or paralegals are needed to advise clients who have been served with a Notice to Quit and a Summons and Complaint and need help with preparing an answer and request for discovery on Thursday mornings and afternoons.  (details).

Attorneys are needed to provide legal advice to unrepresented low-income small landlords—attorneys familiar with the two-volume set of books in the Mass. Practice series and housing experience are preferred (details).

SERV Clinic (Settlement and Early Resolution Volunteers) in Suffolk Probate and Family Court

SERV (Settlement & Early Resolution Volunteers) is a court-certified pro bono program that provides conciliation to low-income, unrepresented parties in family law cases. Founded by experienced family law attorneys Vickie Rothbaum and Verill Dana’s Robin Murphy, SERV’s focus on conciliation helps both sides reach a fair agreement that day. We are in-person in Court every Monday 9 am-1 pm at the Suffolk Probate and Family Court.  (details).

Volunteer attorneys are needed to give legal advice and assist with drafting pleadings on a variety of family law topics including divorce, custody, paternity, contempt and modification actions (details).

Wage theft and worker exploitation is rising in Massachusetts. Fortunately, volunteer attorneys can help. The Volunteer Lawyers Project has partnered with the Attorney General Office, Fair Labor Division, and various community partners* to combat this problem through our Wage Theft Clinic.  These monthly clinics offer much-needed assistance to aggrieved employees by providing workers with limited legal consultation and outreach related to workers’ rights law (details).

Experienced attorneys draft wills, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Proxies for clients who do not have the financial ability to hire an attorney to prepare these often critically important documents. Most legal services programs do not assist clients with wills, Powers of Attorney, or Health Care Proxies. This pro bono opportunity helps VLP fill a critical gap in services (details).

Note: Volunteer Lawyers Project provides primary malpractice insurance for all pro bono work

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