New Look. Powerful Voice.

In order to express the urgent need to recruit more volunteers, and to communicate the meaningful and valuable experience that VLP provides, we have updated the look and feel of our brand.

New Logo:

Our new logo tells a story. The story of the ripple effect, spreading out from a single action of volunteering to everyone that is affected. Volunteers help transform lives in crisis. In doing so, their own lives are changed for good. Volunteers learn new skills and gain experience, helping their future and the future of those they will represent. They are mentored and guide others, changing lives for years to come. Our new, bold, contemporary colors of orange and blue visually voice our strong commitment and powerful impact of our mission.

New Site:

The new site is designed to be inviting, and easy to navigate. It calls out to volunteers, informs, educates, and offers new insight into VLP. From how to volunteer, to training classes, to Senior Partners for Justice, to providing a compassionate voice and resources for those in need — it’s all right here.