Happy Birthday, Judge G!

Happy Birthday, Judge G! Judge Ginsburg (retired) continues to be an absolute powerhouse for VLP and the Senior Partners for Justice. Thank you for all your amazing work. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Remembering Paul Kane

Photo of Paul Kane receiving the 2011 Gideon Trumpet Award from Judge Ginsburg

Sadly, we have somber news to share. Last week, we learned that a long-time friend of VLP, Paul M. Kane Esq., passed away. 

For over 15 years, Paul anonymously sponsored Senior Partners for Justice (SPJ) luncheons, allowing SPJ members and other volunteers to enjoy the benefit of gathering monthly and learning from expert presenters. He mentored many of SPJ’s early volunteers. It was their great fortune to learn from this brilliant lawyer.

“He was a dear personal friend,” says Judge Edward Ginsburg, “and a strong supporter of Senior Partners for Justice. Not only was Paul a good and loyal friend, but he was also the co-founder of the legal aid clinic at Boston College. He was an early advocate of access to justice for all.” 

His kindness and legacy will not be forgotten, and we will carry the lessons Paul taught us in our hearts as we mourn his passing.  

Thank you and stay well,

Photo of Paul Kane receiving the 2011 Gideon Trumpet Award from Judge Ginsburg

In Memoriam: Tim Lee

It is with great sadness that we inform you Tim Lee, longtime VLP board member and staunch advocate for folks battling mental illness, passed away yesterday morning.  

We received several messages from those lucky enough to work with Tim, and the words “kind” and “thoughtful” showed up in every single one.  Tim led his life with wisdom, consideration, and patience.  To quote one of Tim’s colleagues: “I was always impressed with Tim’s…commitment to helping people that society has turned its back on. He was a true champion for the unfortunate.”

In Tim’s memory, let us continue our work and let us never forget to stay kind and thoughtful.

We will be sending out information regarding Tim’s service and how you can support his family soon.

Thank you to everyone who has offered words of sympathy,

VLP Celebrates Juneteenth!

VLP will be closed tomorrow in honor of Juneteenth, a holiday that celebrates the ending of slavery in the United States.

On June 19, 1865, word reached Galveston, TX about the end of slavery- a full two years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Juneteenth began as a Texas state holiday and has spread to be a nationwide celebration. To learn the history of Juneteenth, please visit https://www.juneteenth.com/history.htm

VLP celebrates Juneteenth to recognize the importance of Black history and in acknowledgment of the injustices still faced the Black community today. Find resources for self-care, education, and support at https://vlpnet.org/blm/

Happy AAPI Heritage Month!

family holding baby

Happy Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Celebrate AAPI pride, history, and triumphs! Performances, historical trivia, panel discussions, and more content for folks with Asian heritage & their allies can be found here.

Accountability, Not Justice

Statement taken from BlackLivesMatter.com, author’s name not given.  Click here to read the statement on BLM.

The Derek Chauvin Verdict

George Floyd should be here.

We mourn as his family mourns and support them in finding solace and accountability through the guilty verdict — because like countless others, they have been put in a position that they did not deserve.

But let’s be clear — This verdict does not change what we know all too well: White supremacy still exists.

An oppressive, racist system cannot and never will deliver justice for our people. It will never keep us safe. What we saw today was some form of accountability — not justice. Justice would mean George Floyd would be here. Justice would mean a system not rooted in white supremacy. It would be the end of state-sanctioned violence. It would be defunded police. It would be investments in our communities.

It remains abundantly clear that this still does not bring our loved ones back. We do not get George Floyd back. His daughter and family have to grow up without him. The day we will truly achieve justice is the day that no Black person is taken from us at the hands of police.

Though today’s guilty verdict does not bring George Floyd back, the Floyd family continues his legacy through the George Floyd Memorial Foundation which you can support here.

Let us continue to work toward abolition and Black liberation — one where Black people across the diaspora thrive, experience joy, and are no longer defined by their struggles.

Let us continue the work toward a world where there are no more George Floyds. 

No more. 

In the name of Black lives — the work will not stop until there are no more.

Because #BlackLivesMatter.

In Memoriam: Maren Robinson, Esq.

It is with somberness and respect that we announce the passing of Attorney Maren Robinson.


During the 1990s, Maren served as VLP’s Managing Attorney, and her dedication to our clients lives on in the households she helped change for the better.
We offer our condolences to Maren’s family, and we encourage you to read the obituary prepared by her husband: here (https://legcy.co/3gg0y3y).

VLP Statement

The shooting we have seen this week is a stark reminder of the need to decry the racial, ethnic, and gender-based violence that has remained a consistent part of our nation’s culture.  

This latest travesty is one instance in a long legacy of cruelty.  Such acts of violence instill fear which takes away a basic sense of safety that allows humans to reach their full potential.  

Women of all backgrounds, LGBTA+ citizens, folks who are Black, and Americans of Asian heritage deserve safety and security, and their lives matter.  We stand against all violence, and we will continue our work to fight injustice.

-Joanna Allison, Executive Director