Landlord Volunteer Program


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The Landlord Advocacy Program

Who are our clients?

  • VLP serves owner-occupant landlords. These are the “mom and pop” landlords who live in and rent out one or more units of their home
  • Landlords who meet specific median household income ranges
  • Landlords who are at risk of foreclosure or bankruptcy

Why do we help low-income landlords?

  • Our landlords often survive on pensions and moderately priced rental income to pay bills, maintain their property, and keep their mortgage up to date
  • These landlords lack easy access to resources
  • Our owner-occupants are often elderly, and their English is often their second language
  • Owner-occupant landlords live in the property they rent out, so their tenants are also their neighbors; these circumstances can create unique challenge

Volunteer Programs & Opportunities


  • Review docket listings and identify qualified unrepresented landlords who have matters pending in court
  • Participation available immediately
  • Training will be provided


  • Contact pro se litigants via telephone and/or email to inform them about available programs and services.
  • Participation available immediately
  • Training will be provided


  • Assist landlords with applying for mortgage and utility assistance
  • Gather necessary documents from landlords to submit with their Emergency Housing Payment Assistance application
  • Regularly check in with the RAA for updates on the applications 


  • 15-minute consultation with client in a virtual and secure workspace through a virtual platform called Legal Squirrel 
  • Training video here


  • Opportunity to represent parts of a case rather than the entire case. For i.e. General legal advice, such as assistance and advice on the commencement of an NTQ, court specific date mediation, or assistance with the respond to discovery process (A&D)
  • Training video here


  • Craft educational trainings and materials on topics that are important for small low-income landlords and the attorneys who serve them
  • Present crafted topics via pre-recorded trainings and live webinars.
  • Feature your name and work in VLP’s training library shared with major legal and social service organizations throughout the state

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Why I volunteered

Jared Coltey, Intern at Justice Bridge Legal Center 

Volunteering with the Landlord team has been one of the best experiences of my life, we’ve been able to help many people through horribly stressful situations. Not only is the program extremely helpful and successful, but the team is also full of truly great people who make volunteering that much more rewarding. 

Morjieta Derisier, Esq. Baystate Law Group

Volunteering as an attorney is an integral part of our judicial system, money should never be a barrier to quality representation.  

Len Zandrow, Partner Brister & Zandrow

VLP has been a great partner of ours ever since we launched our law incubator seven years ago. The Justice Bridge community and I personally appreciate the opportunities that we have been given to participate in the Landlord program and the services that we have been able to provide thus far on behalf of modest means landlords of owner-occupied dwellings. “ 

Ted Papadopoulos, Esq. Ashton Law 

When presented with an opportunity to help someone in need, seize it! There is no better compensation or reward than the gratitude and thanks from the person(s) you are able to assist. 

John Carroll, Esq. Meehan, Boyle, Black and Bogdanow 

The gift of giving of yourself to others is a gift to yourself. The reward is instantaneous.

Training Videos

Housing Law 101

  • The Eviction Process
    • MLRI Training
    • 1-hour online course will guide you through the eviction process, focusing on key steps along the way
    • You can stop and start at any point and come back to it to refresh your knowledge

Legal Squirrel (under construction)

  • Legal Squirrel 101: How to navigate software
  • How to do docket outreaching
  • How to do upstreaming services
  • How to make a 1-on-1 referral

Legal Server (under contruction)

  • Legal Server 101: How to navigate software
  • Legal Server FAAS: How to process the Financial Application Support process
  • Legal Server LAR: How to process, manage and complete Limited Assistance Representation cases

Training Slides

The documents and forms posted are for informational purposes only.  They may change as the law, regulation and requirements can change without notice.  Please make sure to check for the most up to date information.

Incentive Program

  • MCLE discount vouchers available to attorneys who actively work with us.
  • SJC Pro Bono Honor Roll nomination for attorneys who volunteered 100+ hours (20 clinics)
  • Pro Bono Hours Reporting; case hours and clinic hours

Contact Us

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Additional Resources

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